James: Keys, Sax and Lead Vocals

James is responsible for Keys, Sax, song arrangements and the Drum and layers sequencing in The Jessie-James Band.

James' professional music career includes Friends and Strangers,1981-90, Cornerstone from 1995-2001, Tongue -n- Groove from 2001-2004, KT's Alibi from 2006-2013 and The Jessie-James Band from 2014 to the present.  In all acts he plays keys, sax, harmonica and accordion occasionally.   He has a solo album of new age music entitled Introspectives, which debuted in 1992.  James also worked as part of Cornerstone to put out a self-titled album, which debuted in 1995; songs from that album received radio airplay in 1996-97.

James' Keys setup is Roland (JV-880 and Juno Gi), and he runs his sequences through a  Roland JV-1010.  The sequences are all set up in MIDI using Sonar and do not include ANY vocals (in other words all of the vocals you hear in the band are real).  Some of the sounds you hear in the performances that give the band its unique fullness (such as deep Kick) are James' creations using the Roland MIDI palette.